Dr Adam Benn BSc BDS (Otago)


Dr Adam Benn BSc BDS (Otago).
Dentist Dixon Street & Lambton Quay.

Believe it or not, PEOPLE wear teeth!


Nothing startling in that, but it’s the people that wear those teeth that make such a difference to my practicing day.


Getting to know the tooth-wearers is truly fascinating because everyone has a story to tell and something interesting going on in their lives; even dentists!


I delight in providing gentle dental solutions that these people can understand, relate to and afford; so that they can let dentistry into their lives on their terms but knowing that they are following the best possible path for long-term dental health.

This provides a huge relief for those people, because they usually avoid toothaches, dental crises and tooth loss while knowing they have the security of a ‘Grand Plan’ for their gums and teeth.


Moreover, since I am an utter dental wimp, I always try to provide these treatments as gently and painlessly as possible, as if I was receiving these myself.... !


This allows those people to relax about their dental health, which often impacts on their general health and their outlook on life itself.

Maybe it’s time you had a ‘Grand Plan'?


I have a huge range of interests from music, travel, and art to sailing, classic cars, mountain biking and skiing; although my 5 children keep me very busy indeed!


Adam graduated from Otago in 1987 and went straight into private practice in Wellington.

Brief stints in Kapiti, Wairarapa and London prepared him for taking over a very old practice in 1992, which quickly became The GDC we know and love [!] today.


Adam practices all aspects of modern dentistry with painless anesthetics, invisible white fillings, and state of the art ceramics [CADCAM/Cerec/E4D]; all for your smiling and chewing pleasure!