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Smile Makeover or Smile Reconstruction: Which is Best for You?

Two popular options for creating a lovely smile are a ‘smile makeover’ and ‘smile reconstruction.’ Learn the difference between these two dental terms.

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Do I Need Braces? 7 Signs You May Need Orthodontics

Dentists and orthodontists recommend orthodontics for many reasons. While there are some obvious signs a person might need braces, such as crooked teeth, an overbite or an underbite, there are other less common indicators that you may need orthodontic treatment. Having straight teeth can not only improve your confidence; they are also much easier to clean and floss between. An aligned bite can also make chewing more comfortable and fix some speech impediments. If you’ve ever asked yourself ‘do I need braces?’ here are some signs you might.

1. Your teeth are crooked or crowded 

An obvious indicator that you need braces is if you have teeth that are crooked or crowded in your mouth. Crooked teeth can affect your self-confidence and make you feel embarrassed to smile. They are also harder to clean between which increases the risk of tooth decay. 

Crowding happens to teeth when there isn’t enough room in the mouth for all of the adult teeth to grow. Dental crowding is also caused by: 

  • having teeth that are larger than your jaw and don’t ‘fit’ correctly 
  • losing an adult tooth early and having another adult tooth move into the empty space 
  • wisdom teeth emerging and not having enough space to sit comfortably in the mouth 
  • over-retention of baby teeth which prevents adult teeth from growing  correctly 

2. You breathe through your mouth  

Our bodies are designed to breathe nasally. If you breathe through your mouth excessively, especially when you sleep, it could be because closing your mouth doesn’t feel comfortable. In a well-aligned mouth, the top row of teeth rests gently on the bottom row when the mouth is closed. For some, this doesn’t feel natural, which leads to breathing through the mouth rather than through the nose.  

Breathing through the mouth excessively can change the way your face looks as you develop from adolescence into adulthood. Mouth breathing can lead to dry lips, bad breath and other health issues.  

Fixing the alignment of your teeth will not only fix the way you breathe, it can also improve the appearance of the face. 

3. Your teeth don’t align properly 

Ideally, the top and bottom rows of your teeth should rest gently on one another when your mouth is closed. If you have an overbite your top row of teeth will protrude over the bottom row. If you have an underbite, the bottom teeth protrude out further than the upper teeth.  

Underbites can make it difficult to chew properly and may make closing your mouth feel uncomfortable. Many people choose to get their overbites fixed for aesthetic reasons. Overbites can lead to: 

  • Breathing difficulties 
  • Pain or discomfort when chewing 
  • Gum disease if bottom teeth aren’t brushed properly 
  • Speech problems 

4. You have a speech impediment 

Having crooked or misaligned teeth can cause speech issues such as lisping, whistling or a lateral lisp. The alignment of your teeth affects where the tongue is placed when speaking. Crooked teeth can disrupt your ability to correctly form certain words. Overcrowded teeth can make it hard for the tongue to move as freely while large gaps between teeth can cause whistling sounds, especially on ‘s’ sounds. 

When teeth are properly aligned, your tongue can produce the right sounds without obstruction. 

5. You have trouble chewing 

Misaligned teeth can cause problems with your jaw, making it harder to chew your food properly. If you experience clicking or pain in the jaw, you could also have problems with your temporomandibular (TMJ) joint. This joint connects the jawbone to your skull. Long term grinding of the teeth can also cause pain in the TMJ. 

Your dentist will be able to tell you whether or not braces can fix any problems with your jaw that make chewing difficult. For some people, braces won’t be enough. Instead, they may need jaw surgery to fix problems with their TMJ. 

6. You sucked your thumb past the age of five  

If you sucked your thumb as a child past the age of five, you may need orthodontics to correct your teeth. Sucking your thumb for long periods of time, especially in childhood when your adult teeth are emerging, can push the front teeth forward into an overbite.   

If your child is a thumb-sucker this doesn’t necessarily mean you should force them to stop. Most children grow out of the habit naturally. However, if your child is five or older there is a higher chance that their habit will change the way their teeth form and could lead to alignment issues. 

 7. You don’t like the look of your smile 

You don’t have to experience problems with your teeth to have orthodontics. Plenty of people get braces for aesthetic reasons. Whether you have a gap between some of your teeth or one or two crooked teeth, no matter how small the aesthetic ‘problem’ braces can be a great solution.  

Straight teeth can boost your confidence by fixing any issues that may stop you from wanting to smile. Straightening your teeth can also give a more harmonious look to the face and improve your jaw structure.  

Orthodontics at Gentle Dental 

At Gentle Dental we offer traditional braces, clear braces, lingual braces and Invisalign. Traditional braces are made from stainless steel to gently move your teeth into place. Clear braces are similar to traditional braces, but use ceramic brackets for a more discreet look. Lingual braces fit to the inside of the teeth and are better suited to adults than kids or teenagers. Invisalign are a great option for adults seeking orthodontic treatment. The trays are transparent, easy to use and are barely noticeable. 

No matter what type of braces you choose, we focus on providing a gentle touch when it comes to fitting your orthodontics. While many orthodontists will remove teeth in order to create room in the mouth to align the teeth, we try to avoid removing teeth wherever possible. 

If you are interested in orthodontics for you or your child, book a consultation with us today.  

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Where Can I Go For Great Dental Care in Upper Hutt?

Gentle Dental have been offering gentle, professional dentistry to Wellington patients since 1992. As one of Wellington’s largest privately-owned dental practices, we are pleased to be expanding our dental practice with the opening of our new location in Upper Hutt.

As a large group practice, now working out of three locations, we have a team of highly qualified experts that can help with everything from wisdom teeth removal, to braces, and even dental surgery including wisdom teeth removal. Create your perfect smile at Gentle Dental Upper Hutt by booking an appointment today.

Choose the gentlest dentists in Upper Hutt

Gentle Dental have been offering dental care in Wellington for nearly thirty years. With two locations in the Wellington CBD — one on Ghuznee Street and one on Lambton Quay — we thought it was about time we brought our brand of friendly, professional, and gentle, dental services to patients in the Hutt Valley.

Our newest Gentle Dental practice is located at 22 Royal Street, Upper Hutt. Whether you are experience toothache, or dental pain, are due for a dental examination, or would just like to find a dentist closer to you, our practice is open and taking on new patients. Whatever your needs, the friendly Gentle Dental team can help!

The Gentle Dental difference

Our vision has always been to provide professional, exceptional care that treats people how we would like to be treated. That’s why we’re so excited to be extending our practice into Upper Hutt. When you book with us, you’ll experience the Gentle Dental difference.

Firstly, we’re a service focused team, and your comfort is our top priority. We focus on supporting you through each visit and our bedside manner is second to none. If you’re anxious, apprehensive or worried our team are here to help. We’re also happy to explain each step of the process as we go along.

When you book in with us, you’ll meet with one of our team of experienced professionals. Our dentists have 125 years of combined experience, so you know you’re in good hands.

It’s not just our staff that takes a gentle approach to dental care. From digital x-rays to cameras that help us diagnose decay, we utilise the best state-of-the-art dental technology to make your appointment quicker, and more comfortable. Our intra-oral cameras also allow you to see what’s going on in your own mouth. If you’d rather zone out while you’re in the chair, you can watch movies or listen to music, to feel more at ease.

Booking a preventative dental appointment is the easiest way to keep your smile in good health. That’s why we like to make sure you’re comfortable while in our care. Book in your appointment with Gentle Dental today and experience our difference.

We make getting a dental appointment easy

We know how hard it can be to book in an appointment with a dentist. That’s why we’re open longer than many other clinics. Can’t find the time to visit us between work and family commitments? Our Upper Hutt dental clinic is open from 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday.

We’re also open late on Tuesdays  until 8:00pm. Need a weekend appointment? No worries! Pop in on Saturday and we’ll get you sorted.

While we know the importance of preventative dental care, we also know that accidents happen. If you’re experiencing toothache or pain, or have a dental emergency – like losing a tooth — we try our best to get you in for a same-day emergency appointment.

No matter what type of dental service you require, we make accessing dental care easy. Call our friendly receptionists today to book in an upcoming appointment at any one of our three clinics.

Get the dental care you require

As a locally owned dentist practice, we’re here to make sure Upper Hutt residents have access to the best dental care in Wellington, without having to drive into the city for something as simple as a check-up.

While our Upper Hutt dental centre is slightly smaller than our Wellington practices, you’ll still get the benefit of being part of the Gentle Dental family. With three locations, our team of dentists have expertise in most aspects of dentistry. This includes wisdom teeth removal, surgery and even full mouth rehabilitation and enables us to treat most cases in-house without having to refer you to a specialist.

For our Upper Hutt clients, this means if you require a more specific service or surgery, we can still handle it at one of our city clinics.

Whether you need an emergency appointment, preventative care, orthodontics, restorative or cosmetic treatment you can get it all at Gentle Dental.

Become a new dental patient at our Upper Hutt practice

At Gentle Dental, our technology, expertise and gentle approach allows us to produce top quality results in all aspects of dentistry. With longer opening hours, same-day emergency appointments and weekend appointments, our Upper Hutt clinic is open and ready to help! Book your dental appointment in now and keep your mouth smiling.

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What Are The Differences Between Invisalign® And Braces?

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Invisalign Vs Braces – The Pros & Cons Of Each

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5 Reasons Why It’s Important To Look After Your Teeth

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