Wisdom Teeth Removal
Extracting Teeth

When Is It Necessary?

Extracting teeth is viewed as a last resort in modern dentistry. Saving your natural tooth is always preferable, but sometimes a tooth may be beyond repair due to decay, gum disease or trauma.

The one exception would be the removal of impacted wisdom teeth.

Do all wisdom teeth have to be removed ?

Not all wisdom teeth have to be removed, but where there is lack of space or if they are impacted and causing symptoms, then it may be necessary to have these teeth surgically removed.

In these situations the team at the Gentle Dental Centre has a wealth of experience in removing both un-restorable teeth and impacted wisdom teeth, as painlessly as possible. And for those anxious patients we can also offer sedation to help calm the nerves.

What Happens?

The Process

During your regular dental examination we will assess your wisdom teeth to see if they need to be removed.  This usually involves an intra-oral exam and an OPG xray (full jaw xray). In some instances a  3D xray will also be required to properly assess the teeth for removal.  We will guide you through the whole process, including how best to manage your recovery.

Call us if you are having problems with your wisdom teeth.


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