Dental Fillings Wellington NZ

What Are They?

Since the 1800s the material of choice for dental fillings has been amalgam, due to its low cost, ease of application, strength and durability. However, Dental Amalgam has certain unfavourable characteristics, including its metal colour, amalgam toxicity (mercury comprises 50% of amalgam) and environmental threat.

Amalgam also has the tendency to expand and contract with temperature changes in the mouth, causing fillings to crack, become loose and threaten the structural integrity of the surrounding tooth.

In comparison, composite fillings are tooth coloured and made from a polymer based material that’s 100% mercury free. They look really natural and will not expand or contract with temperature changes in the mouth.

Composite Fillings

When Are They Used?

Composite fillings are generally a long term solution for small to medium fillings. They may also be used as a short to medium term option for larger fillings depending on size.  For longevity we generally recommend a porcelain filling (known as a dental inlay/onlay) or a full crown.

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